Flexible Fireproof Cable

Flexible fireproof cables are specialized electrical cables designed to resist fire and maintain functionality during and after exposure to flames. These cables are constructed with materials that can withstand high temperatures, ensuring continued electrical performance in critical situations.

Voltage:from0.6 kV to 1kV
Important feathers:
• Excellent fire prevention and fire resistance performance
• The continuous production length is long and the cross-section is large. The maximum cross-section of single-core cable in the production range can reach 800mm2, and the maximum cross-section of multi-core cable can reach 240mm2.
• Explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, no electromagnetic interference
• Good bending performance, easy installation, green and environmentally friendly cable


The application of flexible fireproof cables is diverse, and they are commonly used in settings where fire safety is of utmost importance. Some notable applications include:

1.Commercial Buildings:
Used in skyscrapers, offices, and commercial spaces to ensure continued power supply during a fire emergency, facilitating safe evacuation and firefighting operations.

2.Industrial Facilities:
Employed in manufacturing plants and facilities where the risk of fire is higher. These cables provide a reliable power source for critical machinery and equipment.

3.Transportation Systems:
Applied in railways, airports, and underground transit systems to maintain communication, lighting, and control systems during fire incidents, ensuring passenger safety.

4.Data Centers:
Critical for data centers where uninterrupted power is essential for preserving sensitive electronic equipment and preventing data loss during a fire event.

5.Oil and Gas Industry:
Used in hazardous environments such as oil rigs and refineries, providing a fire-resistant solution for power transmission in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Flexible fireproof cables offer a range of benefits that contribute to the overall safety and reliability of electrical systems:

1.Fire Resistance:
The primary benefit is their ability to resist fire, preventing electrical failure and maintaining power transmission even in high-temperature environments.

These cables are designed to be flexible, making them easy to install in various configurations. This flexibility enhances their adaptability to different environments and layouts.

The materials used in flexible fireproof cables are durable and can withstand not only fire but also mechanical stress, ensuring a longer lifespan in demanding conditions.

4.Safety Compliance:
These cables often adhere to strict safety standards and regulations, ensuring that they meet or exceed the required criteria for fire resistance and electrical performance.

5.Reliability in Emergencies:
During critical situations, such as fire incidents, these cables provide a reliable power supply, supporting emergency systems, evacuation procedures, and firefighting operations.