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A transformer is an electrical device which is used to transfer power from one circuit to another through electromagnetic induction. The power transfer is accompanied without frequency change. In an electronic system, the term power transformer is used to provide a number of AC supplies of several voltages and appropriate values of current from the public electricity supply.
EnergiaOn oil immersed transformers are up to 750kV, 1500MVA and cast resin dry type transformers are up to 110kV, 40MVA.Our design team has very strong design capabilities and uses a variety of design software including 2D and 3D electrical field FEM and Magnetic flux leakage calculators. The resulting products come with many advanced features such as low loss design, short circuit withstand assurance, reliable extra-high voltage protection with overheating controls.
· The range of small power transformers can be from500-7500kVA
· The range of medium power transformers can be from-100MVA
· The range of large power transformers can be from100MVA & beyond