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Vertical Multistage Pump
Vertical Multistage Pump

SMA, SMA-F, SMA-L are non-self-priming vertical multistage centrifugal pump, the pumps are available with standard motor, the inlet and outlet are located at the pump bottom at the same plane (inline type).
All pumps are equipped with a maintenance-free mechanical seal set of the cartridge type.

Motor is totally enclosed, air-cooled two pole standard motor.
Protection grade: IP55
Insulation class: F
Motors of other voltages are available upon request.
Single phase motors are available from 0.37kw to 2.2kW
Standard voltage: 50Hz:

Motor Protection
Single-phase motor have a built in thermal overload switch.
Three-phase motors must be connected to a motor protective
circuit breaker according to local regulations.

The pumping of liquids with densities or kinematic viscosity higher than those of water will cause a considerable pressure drop, a drop in the hydraulic performance and a rise in the power consumption.
in such situations the pump should be fitted with a larger motor, if in doubt, contact Stream.

Ambient Temperature
Ambient temperature: maximum+40 C, if the ambient temperature exceeds +40 C, or the pump is installed at an altitude exceeding 1000 meters, the motor must not be fully loaded due to the risk of overheating.
Overheating may result from excessive ambient temperatures or the low density and consequently low cooling effect of the air. In such cases, it may be necessary to use a motor with a higher rated output.

Vertical Multistage PumpVertical Multistage Pump