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One important element of good power system design is the proper selection of the distribution equipment. The choice of using either switchgear or switchboards must be based on many different criteria and the design of the power system requires thought be given to each one.
EnergiaOn's partner Changzhou Pacific Electric is a vertically integrated manufacturer and fabricator of engineered material solutions for switchgear applications.We manufacture custom material solutions for the following types of equipment:
· Medium & High Voltage Circuit Breakers
· Pad Mounted (Live & Dead Front) Medium Voltage Switchgear
· Metal Clad Medium Voltage Switchgear
· Automatic Transfer Switches
· Motor Control Switchgear
· Metering Equipment
· Low Voltage Switchgear
· Panelboards
· Switchboards
We supply a complete line of insulating components for a broad range of switchgear designs. These components and spare parts can be provided individually or in complete kits for a particular type of switchgear.