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Metal-clad Switchgear
Metal-clad SwitchgearMetal-clad Switchgear
KYN 28-12~24 kV Metal-clad Switchgear

Entire metal-closed enclosure provides maximum protection against accidental contact and avoids the explosion.
Pressure relief device to protect safety of operators
Mechanical interlock to prevent mistaking operation
VCB with freedom from maintenance to realize frequency operation
Insulated lever can be up to 42kV/min and max. Rated current up to 4000A
Easy to be upgraded to realize intelligent functions
Type-tested switchgear include internal arc-fault test and
Factory-assembled to ensure few installing work on site
Little maintenance work
Simply operation procedure
Easy to install main busbar and cables
Small space and plane are needed
Reduce the installing time on site
Easy to extend according to actual requirement
Be suit for all kinds of customer and condition.

Technical specification
KYN 28-12~24 kV Metal-clad Switchgear