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Traction Transformer
Traction TransformerTraction Transformer

Voltage level: 110 kV, 220kV
Voltage regulation: ±2×2.5%, ±3×2.5%, ±4×2.5%
Capacity: 8000kVA~75000 kVA

Technical characteristics
Low no-load loss, low no-load current, low noise
The Laminated core type transformer Adopt multistage step lapped joint fully-oblique structure, can reducing magnetic resistance and noise; Its cross section is inscribed polygon, high fill factor. After high temperature annealing of eliminating stress, no-load loss is greatly reduced.
Strong overload capacity
With oil flow guide control technology, the quantitative calculation of the oil flow, optimize the structure of oil circuit, reduce the hot-spot coefficient, to ensure that under the condition of rigorous overloading load, the winding hot-spot temperature does not exceed 140 ℃.
Strong anti-short circuit ability
By analyzing and calculating the worst short circuit, adopting high strength wire and effective support to strengthen the structure, adjusting the coil distribution to ensure all stress have enough margin. Self-developed winding technology can make the coils wind tightly.
Low partial discharge
Strictly control each part of the electric field intensity, according to the discharge requirements, coil winding and internal assembly is in the dustproof workshop to guarantee the body clean, adopts the high vacuum oil injection process, effectively control discharge of product.

110kV traction transformer
110kV traction transformer
220kV traction transformer
220kV traction transformer
*Higher technical requirements can be achieved According to customer requirements