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Iron Core
Iron CoreIron Core
Important features

Core Part
· The high permeability magnetic oriented silicon steel sheet with excellent performance was selected, and the core was fully mitered and multi-step joint structure, and no yoke was applied. Reduce no-load loss and noise.
· The core column and the iron yoke are mechanically bound and solidified with high-strength resin mesh weft less binding tape.
· The clamp adopts a large plate frame structure, which fastens the iron core, clamp, pull plate, and foot into a whole to ensure sufficient mechanical strength against short circuit and meet the requirements of not lifting the hood on site after transportation.
· The iron core structural part is rounded to ensure that product is small.
· The core adopts universal oil passage to greatly improve the heat dissipation conditions, and all connecting parts of the iron core structural parts are not painted to ensure reliable electrical connection and avoid local potential suspension.
· Rolled Core Features
· The iron core is continuously wound, tight no seam, with small no-load current, small magnetic resistance, no seam magnetic flux density distortion, low loss, and low noise; the three-phase magnetic circuit is balanced and shortest. After annealing, the core can completely eliminate the internal stress generated during machining, refine the magnetic domain of the silicon steel sheet, complete the secondary recrystallization, and greatly reduce the no-load loss

High Quality & Fully Assembled Cores
· Max Weight of Automatic Stacked Core: 60 Ton
· Max Weight of Manually Stacked Core: 150 Ton
· Gap Limit at the Joint: <0.5mm
· Window Height Precision: ±0.2mm
· Window Width Precision: ±0.2mm