Data Center & Telecom

Computers and data centers are the heart of every industry today. Many industries now have their data stored in servers, both manual and cloud servers, and they need to access this data at all times for their businesses to operate without a hitch. With power interruptions, these servers become inaccessible and businesses have to halt their operations; losing business and money in the process. Power outages also make the servers susceptible to attacks by hackers with the aim of stealing and manipulating this data for their personal gain.

The energy generation industry has adapted itself to the idiosyncrasies of these installations with generator sets that are specifically designed for Data Centers and are sized in accordance with the DCP (Data Centre Power) power declaration, and that comply with the regulations that govern them. The Uptime Institute is the internationally recognized body that specifies and certifies how the installations of a Data Center should be designed.

Diesel/Gas generators have proven very reliable to this industry in providing consistent and immediate power backup whenever there is a power grid failure. They make sure that data centers are always online even in times of natural disasters.

EnergiaOn PowerTek have pioneered technologies that continue to set the standard for quality and reliability globally. EnergiaOn PowerTek’s diesel/gas generators' time-tested ability to achieve 100% load acceptance with best-in-class controls, data center customers can be confident they are purchasing power generation systems at the leading edge of reliability and dependability.

Data Center & Telecom