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Plug-in Termination Kits
 Plug-in Termination Kits Plug-in Termination Kits

The plug-in termination kits which we produced adopts the structure of pre molded stress cone with epoxy bushing. The stress cone shape bracket with spring presses stress cone clinging to the tapered wall of epoxy bushing. This structure overcomes the disadvantages of elasticity relaxation of stress cone due to material aging and bad contact between stress cone and cable outer semi cond. Layer etc. Stress cone is made of imported rubber material and manufactured with imported rubber injection machine. There is no need to pour any insulation agent inside GIS termination. It is dry type termination. There is no problem of stress cone aging for soaking in insulation agent, which increased the service life of stress cone and avoid oil leakage problem. The product has compact structure, excellent performance and convenient installation.

Voltage:from 10kV-110 kV
STANDARD: IEC60502, IEC60840, IEC62067, IEC62271