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HV Vacuum Circuit Breaker
HV Vacuum Circuit Breaker
HVA12-40.5kV High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

· Spring operation mechanism and circuit breaker are a whole structure with layout arrangement. The compact mechanism connecting indicates reliability. The spring operation mechanism life is over 30 000 times to guarantee CB life can be up to 20 000 times.
· The new compressed spring energy storage mechanism adopts module design. The arrangement of main components is reliable with structure simple and steady performance. The whole mechanism is made of energy storage, opening and closing modules. The performance of closing and opening precedes the national standard and comply with GB1984, IEC56 and DL/403 etc. standard.
· ZN48A adopts three-dimensional computer design and dynamic simulation optimization design, which make the arrangement of electromagnetic field more reliable and decrease the partial discharge and partial heat.
· New ideal: visual over travel, the contactor wear and over travel status can be inspected by eyes.
· Each living parts are packed individually in the sealed insulator, and the insulating performance is reliable.
· ZN48A has the reliable earthing to ensure the earthing continuously of the circuit breaker from working position to testing position.
· ZN48A has passed the test of temperature rising of 1.1 times rated current.

Technical specification
HVA12-40.5kV High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker