Rental & Construction

Diesel/Gas generators are imperative in the rental and construction industry. Tungwell can provide the rental industry with powerful and reliable generating, transmitting and distributing solutions. Construction projects often stall because of interrupted power supply or lack of power supply in some construction sites. Constant power interruptions can result in delayed project completion time, as well as costly expenses because of being behind schedule.

Diesel/Gas generators give the much needed power to provide lighting for construction to take place 24/7, power air conditioning machines, power communication systems, and run construction equipment such as cranes. They also provide backup power to the main grid if there is power interruption both by external forces or accidents/interference emanating from the construction site. Plus, portable generators can be moved from one site to the other in a matter of minutes or hours.

The strong adaptability of the environment, strong durability, high safety and other features ensure safe and reliable operation, meet the conditions of outdoor use, and ensure maximum work efficiency.

Rental & ConstructionRental & Construction