Power Plant & Grid

Utilities may be the power suppliers that we all depend on to supply our grids, but they also face emergencies in their power generation plants and turn to diesel/gas generators, as well as the transmission system. The companies have huge diesel generators and transmission equipment available in case their main supply line experiences an emergency. They use the generators to produce enough electricity and transmit, distribute to power thousands of homes until they can have their main supply back online.

Diesel/gas generators in this industry allow the power plant crew to have adequate time to work on the main supply. They also help prevent the utility company from being sued by angry customers, or losing them to competitors with a steady backup plan.

The entire power plant mainly includes automatic oil/gas supply system, power generation system, power distribution system, intelligent control system, lightning protection system, lighting system and fire protection system. In order to ensure continuous safe and stable operation, EnergiaOn PowerTek provides a complete system solution for power station!

Power Plant & GridPower Plant & GridPower Plant & Grid